Effective Branding to Help you Stand out

At OrgBoosters we know that innovation and creativity can often take a backseat to performing the critical every day work of your non-profit organization. Often overlooked is the concept of “branding” which is the combination of physical and emotional cues triggered when exposed to the name, the logo, the visual identity and message of your organization.

Developing Your Unique Story

Does your organization have a clear and consistent story, one that is being effectively communicated? An effective brand strategy can help non-profit organizations not only gain awareness but organization cohesiveness by positioning your organization internally as well as externally, creating trust and building partnerships. OrgBoosters can help you tell your story and position you as a leader though effective branding that resonates with funders, stakeholders and the communities that you serve.

OrgBoosters can provide strategic branding planning including survey tools and instruments to help develop your unique story and critical elements such as a custom logo, tagline, and marketing collateral. Through this process we lay the foundation for future marketing efforts that promote brand adherence and as a result, ensure long-term organizational brand awareness.

Through a combination of traditional and cutting-edge branding techniques, OrgBoosters can increase your visibility and reach while you continue to focus on delivering critical services to the community. Contact us today to learn more.

Custom Logo Design

Does your organization have an effective logo, one that captures your essence? An effective logo design complements and reinforces your brand and visually differentiates you by creating a memorable identity. OrgBoosters has specialized in custom logo design and re-design for newly formed and established organizations alike for close to twenty years. We can develop an unforgettable logo that presents equally as well digitally or in print or monogrammed on a shirt. Check out the examples below:

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