Leveraging Grants

At OrgBoosters we understand the importance of creating diverse funding streams for a sustainable organization. Non-profit organizations are operating in a difficult time. Always tasked with doing more for less, yet many organizations are not reaching their full potential in identifying and securing grant and foundation dollars.

Do you have a strategic outcome oriented approach to securing grant funding? We can help. Our experienced team is ready to deliver high quality grants because your work matters to us and to the community.

Grant dollars can help solve community issues. While grants can and are often secured for managing existing programs and day to day operation, grant funding can also be obtained for new and innovative projects. Is there a pressing need in your community that your organization could address through the implementation of new services? The grant process is an exciting way for your organization to demonstrate leadership in the community while meeting your mission.

Our grant services run the spectrum from identifying grants through extensive research to outcome and program model development, budget planning and forecasting, completion of all necessary steps in a grant application process, grant submission and grant management. We have extensive experience utilizing a variety of grant management systems and platforms and are confident in the limitless potential that grant funding can provide to your non-profit organization.

The following is a short list of government sources in which we have successfully secured funding:

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Department of Justice
  • Office of Community Services
  • Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • New Jersey Department of Community Affairs

  • New Jersey Office of Secretary of State
  • New Jersey Department of Health
  • New Jersey Department of Human Services
  • New Jersey Division of Child and Families
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation

This are just a few examples of the extensive grant work we have been doing for over twenty years in the federal and state arena. If it is an electronic platform, a difficult deadline, a horror of a logic model, or an endless narrative, it is no match for our skill and love of grants. We have a passion for perfection, a zest for writing, and a quest to meet any challenge with our fundamental skill of turning each grant into a fundable proposal.

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