Grant Writing

As with all of our services at OrgBoosters, we focus on providing value-driven strategies while producing outcome-oriented results. This means that we will deliver high quality grant writing, on time, with a mindset of accountability and exceptional customer service so that your non-profit is competitively positioned.

We can help with every facet of grant writing. Some examples of the valuable services you can expect from OrgBoosters include:

Program Design

Our team can successfully deliver all of the necessary components in a grant proposal including the needs assessment design, identification of project goals, and budget development. We can identify the strategies for implementation, staffing needs, and a realistic timeframe for a completive grant funded projects. Our services do not end with grant writing as we can design and manage data collection and outcome delivery as well.

Budget Assistance

We can create a realistic budget for new grant proposals that will help keep spending on track with detailed line item projections. We can also develop budget modifications for existing grants that may not currently be on track. We will ensure your grant funding has mechanisms in place for a cost efficient grant that demonstrates fiscal accountability.

Technical Assistance

At one time or another, we have all been there with the grant that got away. Perhaps it was a change in staffing, or an environmental change in the community that caused a grant to get off track. We understand and have the experience to provide you with the technical assistance and support to successfully complete your grant. Sometimes a small modification in the program design can right the project quickly. We can assess and deliver what is needed for your grant to be successful.


At OrgBoosters we can help identify partners for grant projects and community problem solving. We can also help define these collaborative partnerships with written agreements needed for project success. We can facilitate project orientation and serve as the liaison between partners to ensure effective collaboration.

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